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Schedule Pick-up

Seniors: Monday, August 14

Juniors: Tuesday, August 15

Sophomores: Wednesday, August 16

Freshmen: Thursday, August 17- Freshman orientation flier 2017 (Times below do not apply to Freshmen)


Schedule pick-up (cafeteria), textbook distribution (library), and ID pictures (GAR) will begin at 8:00 a.m., and will finish promptly at 12:00 p.m. Please observe the following schedule and rotations each day to avoid standing in long lines.


8:00 AM         Last Names A, E-F, L, R, & W-X 

9:00 AM         Last Names B, G, M, & Y-Z

10:00 AM       Last Names C, H-J, N-O, & T-V

11:00 AM      Last Names D, K, P-Q & S



  • A-D, L & P-Q will start at schedule pickup in the cafeteria, then go to the library to pick up textbooks, then will get their ID photos & cards in the GAR, (11th & 12th will then go to the cafeteria to get Off Campus Passes) and they will finish at the Student Store.
  • E-F, G-K, & W-Z will start at ID photos & cards in the GAR, will then go to the Student Store, then will pick up their schedules in the cafeteria (11th & 12th will get Off Campus Passes then), and will finish at the library to pick up their textbooks.
  • M-O, & R-V will start with schedule pickups in the cafeteria, then will get their ID photos & cards in the GAR, then they will go to the library for textbook pickup, and will finish at the Student Store (11th & 12th will finish the cafeteria to get Off Campus Passes).


Counselors will be available from 8 am-Noon to meet with students regarding schedules after students have gone through their scheduled rotations on their scheduled days.


All library or textbook fines need to be cleared before schedules can be picked-up.

2017/2018 School Calendar

11.15.16 – 2017-2018 School Year Calendar

Better Together – Are you new to NPHS?

Are you new to NPHS or looking for a different hangout? We are a friendly group of students who want everyone at NPHS to feel at home. Drop by Room B7 at lunch for a “no pressure” place to meet fun people. We are all better together!

Contact Info:

Panther Tale


NPHS School Choice Presentation

For those 8th grade students and those new to the area who are trying to decide what high school to attend, here are a few of the many great things NPHS has to offer: School choice 16-17

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