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1ST TIME FRESHMAN = Panther Seniors, this is you! Registering for College classes is a LOT of steps and time. We are here to help you take it one step at a time. If you need additional information, contact The Panther CCC

HOW TO APPLY & REGISTER: All steps MUST be completed.

  1. Submit your Application (How to Apply)
  2. Set up Your “MyVCCCD” Portal (How to Set Up) Can only be completed after receiving the “Welcome” email >> This email expires in 10 Days. Write down your new College ID 900# & click on “Start the MyVCCCD Setup Wizard” >> write down your new College Username & Password. Complete the process until you are logged into your MyVCCCD portal.
  3. Complete Your Online Orientation (How to Complete)
  4. Complete Your English Self-Placement Assessment (How to Complete – NO math)
  5. Accept your Financial Aid Package (How to Complete – once it has been awarded)

Once those steps are completed, you are eligible to attend the MC Preview Day = Meet with a Counselor to complete your Education Plan and create your fall semester schedule.

Attend 1 of these MC Preview Days

Registration Rocks week = NPHS is scheduled with MC to help you register for classes.

  • NPHS REGISTER Monday, May 3rd 1:00pm – 2:15pm
  • Open to all schools REGISTER Wednesday, May 5th 4:00pm – 5:15pm
  • Open to all schools REGISTER Thursday, May 6th 9:00am – 10:15am
  • Open to all schools REGISTER Thursday, May 6th 3:00pm – 4:15pm

Can’t make an event, here is How to Register and Pay for Classes


What is IGETC?

  • IGETC is the pattern of courses you take to graduate with an Associate’s Degree and transfer to a 4-year university. 
  • Most Common Course Load is 4-6 classes each semester for a total of 12-18 units. 
  • 12-18 units = 12-18 hours of class per week
  • Classes may be online, hybrid of online and in person, or in person
  • Want to graduate in 2 years? You need 15 or more units every semester (not including summer.) 
  • Summer classes help to make sure you graduate on time. 
  • Example of Fall Semester: English (4 units) + Math (5 units) + Film (3 units) + Public Speaking (3 units) = 4 classes and 15 units

In addition to IGETC, you need to complete classes in your Major. Google College + Name of Major Example: Moorpark College Business Major

What’s a Certificate?

  • For students who want to step into the work force after Moorpark College. 
  • Takes about 18 months to earn your Certificate.
  • You can receive a Certificate in any subject area: Arts. Media & Entertainment, Business & Technology, Communication & Languages, Education & Teaching, Health & Wellness, Human Behavior & Society, Science & Math.


  • What is a Pre-Requisite? A class you must take first before taking a more challenging class
  • How do I know if my class has a Pre-Requisite? When you are looking at a class schedule, there is a column labeled “Pre/Coreq” If the words “Pre/Coreq” are in blue under that column, click on it. The description of the class will tell you the pre-requisite class you need to register for that class. 

Example: CHEM M01A = Prerequisites: CHEM M11 or CHEM M12 or one year of high school chemistry, or equivalent and MATH M03 or two years of high school algebra (equivalent to Intermediate Algebra), or equivalent.

Step #1 Fill out the Clearance Form and insert your transcript in all 4 spots

Step #2 Wait up to 72 hours for an email to your MyVCCCD Portal that states your Pre-Requisite has been cleared. Then go and register for the class.


Want Priority Registration every semester? Need your own Counselor and Coach to make sure you Graduate? A Personalized plan to Transfer? Job? Free printing? Free Tutoring? Free Food?… If you said YES to any of these questions…Sign up for a program like FYE, EOPS, ACCESS and more.


Did you take AP/IB exams and pass?! Make sure to log into your AP/IB scores (once released) and send official scores to your college.

Now you will receive credit for that class & you do not have to take it.


Interested in knowing a little more about your future professors? Search now to see if the professor will be a good fit. Sometimes the reviews are helpful and sometimes, not.