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Dual Enrollment

How to Apply & Register for Moorpark College Classes while taking classes at NPHS

Moorpark is offering Zoom drop in registration help every Monday at 3:30pm

1. Submit MC application (choose your semester) = Skip the Social security number question. (How to Apply)

**If you want to apply for Summer and Fall, you MUST submit 2 applications. One for each semester

If you already have access to your MyVCCCD portal, Skip Step 2 & go to Step 3.

2a. 24-48 hours after submitting your Application (step 1), you will receive a Welcome” Email = This email EXPIRES in 10 days, you must complete step 2b below before it expires. (Example of the Email)

2b. Click on the blue link Start the MyVCCCD Setup Wizard and go through the steps to access your MyVCCCD portal. *Record your username and password. (How to Set Up)

If your Welcome email expired and you need a new one, you will have to contact MC Dual Enrollment

3. Choose the class(es) you want to take from the Schedule of Classes unless the class is being offered through Newbury Park HS (skip this step, the CRN code is below in steps 5) For classes at Moorpark College, write down the 5-digit CRN class code. You will need this for Step 5 = Registration.

*Summer Classes offered through NPHS: BUS M30 Intro to Business COMM M01 Public Speaking ENGL M01A English Composition HIST M140 US History 1865-present SOC M01 Intro to Sociology

*Fall Classes offered through NPHS: ACCT M01 Intro to Accounting ARTH M100 Understanding Art CD M02 Human Development: Infancy through Adolescence COMM M01 Public Speaking SOC M110 Intro to Sociology

4. Submit 1 MOU per semester = Add the Course Name(s) (example: Communication M01 or COMM M01) and your counselor’s email address under Counselor’s email. Sign the bottom and submit it. DO NOT enter the principal’s email address.

**Ms. Choi = **Ms. Coleman = **Ms. Cortes = **Ms. Nedwick = **Mr. Napora =

  • Once your counselor signs your MOU, it will be sent to your parent to sign. Then, 72 hours after MOU submission, you will receive an email (to your MyVCCCD portal email account) stating the dual enrollment was accepted.

*If your class needs a Prerequisite Clearance, ask your counselor for a copy of your Transcript. Then submit the transcript in the Prerequisite Clearance Form.

5.  MAY 5th, 2022 = Register for Summer & Fall classes in your MyVCCCD portal under the Register/Pay tab. Select the correct semester and press “submit”, complete the next few screens and then input the CRN (5 digit class code) for the class, press “Save Schedule.” Then scroll down to the bottom of screen and press “Finish Registration.” Then select the button “Pay Fees” (about $31) – for some classes, these fees have been waived. (How to Register and Pay)

*CRN Class codes for Summer Classes offered through NPHS: BUS M30 58431 COMM M01 58230 ENGL M01A 58722 HIST M140 58667 SOC M01 58721

*3 days before and the First day of class, make sure to access your course in CANVAS in your MyVCCCD portal. If you miss the first day, most professors will drop you from the course. Email your professor about all concerns and questions.

*Did you get Waitlisted? Follow these steps to get off the Wait List and in the class.

If you would like to take a class at Oxnard College or Ventura College, the process is the same but start with their application. Ventura College Application Oxnard College Application

Moorpark College classes start with M. Oxnard College classes start with R. Ventura College classes start with V.

*If you have an IEP or 504 and you want accommodations for your Moorpark College class, you will need to APPLY to the ACCESS program. This takes a while, get it done now.