School Dances

LAST CHANCE to purchase prom tickets is this week. Sales will end 2:30pm Friday, April 6 online! Tickets this week are $110. Purchase tickets online or at lunch in student store-check or cash only. If you are bringing a guest, the Guest Pass needs to be completely filled out and brought to the Student Store, prior to the deadline, to purchase.

NPHS 2018 Prom Flyer (click for ticket pricing and sales dates)

General Prom Information

  • 7-11pm Saturday, April 21, 2018 at Camarillo Airport
    • You MUST arrive before 9pm
    • Bring Photo ID (Your name must match the name on the list to be admitted)
    • Formal Attire
    • Heavy appetizers will be served, as well as a dessert buffet
  • Please review Prom-2018-Rules. Anyone violating the Dance Contract and/or Venue Rules will be removed from prom immediately.
  • Must have a Dance Contract on file with the office to attend and Seniors must also have a Senior Contract on file with the office to attend.
  • A Guest Pass must be submitted to the Student Store for any student, who is NOT an NPHS student, that is attending as a guest of an NPHS student. The guest must be under 21 years old and at least in the 9th grade. They must have a photo ID that matches their guest pass.

Monarch Prom Picture Packages (click for pricing)

2018 After Prom Party (click for info)


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