Notifications &
Complaint Procedures

Mission Statement

N obility

We expect Panthers to challenge themselves and each other to show the world their best character traits. On the field, in the classroom, in the world, we expect students to value diverse opinions, values, and cultures and demonstrate their respect for themselves and others.

P otential

We expect Panthers to realize the difference between success and failure is one more attempt. We expect students to understand that every difficulty presents an opportunity, that resources are available when needed, and that they are capable of rising to any challenge.

H umanity

We expect Panthers to contribute and interact responsibly within the community and in the world. We expect students to be kind to and respectful of others from all walks of life, to cooperate with adults and peers, and to recognize that two people holding differing opinions can both be right.

S cholarship

We expect Panthers to learn the skills they need to be successful in life: how to think deductively and reflectively, how to communicate, how to gather and analyze reliable information, and how to rely on their excellent academic skills, common sense, and creativity to solve problems.

We are Panthers!