After You Apply

Unfortunately, many applicants are denied from being admitted to many colleges simply for not following instructions. To ensure that you are not denied for not following instructions, please make sure you review the following links (and follow the instructions):

AFTER YOU APPLY TO A UC (general information)

AFTER YOU APPLY TO A CSU (general information)

For BOTH UC and CSU, you MUST send your OFFICIAL SAT/ACT scores

For BOTH UC and CSU, you MUST send your official transcripts

For CSU, you must demonstrate readiness in both English and Math OR take a placement exam PRIOR to enrolling as an admitted student. To find out more about your Math and English assessments, click HERE.

Make sure that you check your email regularly, especially the SPAM folder, in order to activate your CSU accounts!

Withdrawing Your application from a UC


Be sure to read the specific instructions in the application(s). Generally, for any colleges in Naviance that have either a “CA” (Common App) symbol or a blue box without the CA symbol, your counselor will send your transcript via Naviance IF you had one uploaded. In addition to a transcript, most colleges will require that YOU send OFFICIAL test scores.

Finally…keep in mind that if you earn a low grade or drop a course during your senior year, you must notify your college(s). Even AFTER you are admitted, a college can RESCIND your offer AFTER they get your FINAL TRANSCRIPT in June.

IF YOU ARE AN ATHLETE…READ THIS and make sure you have a transcript sent to NCAA!