Contact Counseling


In order to avoid missed instruction or unmarked absences, please make an appointment to meet with your counselor via Ms. Jimenez or Ms. Smilor in the counseling office. Alternatively, you can contact your counselor via e-mail by clicking on one of the links below.


If you have a question or concern about your student’s current grade, or the content or procedures in a class, please contact the teacher directly using the Staff Directory. You can use Zangle/Q to monitor your student’s academic progress and attendance. If you have a general counseling question, many answers can be found using the Counseling website and the Alphabetical Counseling Index or the Frequently Asked Questions links. If you need further assistance with a general counseling question or you would like to make an appointment to meet with a counselor, please call (805) 498-3676, ext. 1015 or 1016 to speak with a Counseling Secretary. Alternatively, you can contact your student’s counselor via e-mail by clickingone of the links below.

Counseling Secretaries

Perla Jimenez (805) 498-3676 x1015 E-mail:

Cyndi Smilor (805) 498-3676 x1016 E-mail:


Harriet Osinski (805) 498-3676 x1037 E-mail:


A – Da Ms. Tina Choi E-mail:

De – H Mrs. Tina Coleman E-mail:

I – Mo Mrs. Lesley Nedwick E-mail:

Mu – Se Mr. José Ireta E-mail:

Sh – Z Mr. Rik Napora E-mail: