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 Read THIS first! It addresses “test-optional.” 

NOTE! UCs are NOT considering SAT/ACT scores for admissions decisions or scholarships. They MAY use scores, if submitted, as an alternative method of fulfilling minimum requirements for eligibility. The CSUs are no longer using SAT/ACT exams in determining admission eligibility. 

 ALSO, note the LATEST NEWS from CollegeBoard regarding SAT Subject Tests and the SAT Essay section. 

 (Growing) List of Test-Optional, Test-Blind, and Test-Flexible Colleges  and HERE

For many 4-year colleges, taking a standardized test is required. In the Unites States, most colleges accept either the SAT or the ACT…and students will not have any idea which test best suits them unless they try a practice test for both. Rather than take a “real” SAT or ACT (and spending money/ raising anxiety), students can take a practice SAT and ACT and then examine their “natural” (uncoached or tutored) scores to determine which test suits them. Typically, the “best” time to take a “real” SAT or ACT is during junior year (AFTER finishing English 11 and the highest possible math course for that year). For NPHS students, it is possible to finish both English and math during the Fall, in which case taking a January SAT/ACT makes sense. For students who are enrolled in a year-long AP or IB class, or a CP English or math class in the Spring, taking the SAT or ACT in June makes the most sense. Also, for students enrolled in the highest level available at NP in ANY class, taking the AP test and/or IB test(s) in May is ideal.

Try the links below to find out which test best suits you!

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