Text Message Invitation

The NPHS Counseling Department often has important information that we need to get to both our students and parents in a timely fashion. Although emails, all-calls, the website, and snail mail all have their positive qualities, text messaging is perhaps the fastest and most effective way to reach the largest audience. “Remind” is a service that offers schools a free, safe, and simple way to instantly text students and parents. If you are a STUDENT, and you would like to receive important counseling-related texts, please select the link that corresponds to your grade level below. If you are a PARENT or GUARDIAN, and you would like to receive the same important counseling-related texts as your student(s), please select the link(s) below that correspond(s) to your student(s), and sign up for as many grade levels as you would like. The counseling department will text messages that correspond only to specific grade levels, so as to limit the number of tests you will receive to ONLY those that are relevant to you!

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