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What is Associated Student Government (aka ASG)?

ASG is the Newbury Park High School Student Government class that meets first period every morning. The ASG class is made up of a wide representation of the NPHS student body, and these students work hard to create a positive school culture and an overall enjoyable experience for the students of NPHS. ASG students have an opportunity to grow as a leaders, work as teams, control the student body finances,  produce events, and so much more. Dances, Lunch Time Activities, Rallies, Spirit Weeks, Informational Weeks, etc. are all examples of events that ASG students put on. Through this student government class, students are given a voice and have influence over what happens at NPHS, and they are able to learn how to be valuable leaders. 

How to get involved?

ASG conducts application and interview processes every year to allow students the opportunity to apply to be in the class.  Applications are over for Fall 2021, but even if you aren’t in ASG, you can always get involved and help with the school, just stop by the Activities office for assistance or you can speak with the ASG Advisor, Kristen Skaff (

Club Announcements: Contact Mrs. Laina ( in the Activities Office