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Clubs & Interest Groups

2020-2021 Clubs & Interest Group List for NPHS Students (Learn Accounts Required for Access)

2020-2021 Clubs & Interest Group List for Public—For more information, use a learn account to access the list for NPHS students. 

***Request for Fundraiser/Restaurant Night Google Form

Remote Clubs & Interest Groups Guidelines.docx

20-21 NPHS Interest Groups Guidelines and Regulations 

21-22 Interest Group Registration Google Form

20-21 NPHS Club Guidelines, Regulations, & Constitution

21-22 NPHS Club Renewal Form (For Existing Clubs with Constitutions On File Only)

Submit all minutes electronically to Mrs. Laina at

NPHS 20-21 Remote Club Minutes

Interest Group Checklist

  • Interest Groups are clubs on campus that do not require a financial account on campus, and do not involve financial activity. They are still clubs!
  • Interest Groups need to register every year, even if they were one last year. Complete the NPHS Interest Group Registration Google Form (need to use learn account)
  • Begin meeting once a confirmation of approval email has been received by the Advisor.

Club Checklist

  • Complete the Newbury Park High School Club Renewal Form (For existing clubs with constitutions already on file)
  • Begin meeting once a copy of your approved Constitution Form has been received by the Advisor.
  • Clubs need to submit Club renewal forms by January 7th to maintain club status for the 21-22 school year. 

Important Club Reminders

  1. Your Club must have regular meetings with minutes being taken. A copy of those minutes needs to be turned into the Activities Office.
  2. Financials must be for the purpose of your club (not for pizza/lunch, or to support another club)
  3. You must approve all financial activity in the minutes (reimbursements, expenses, fundraising, etc.). 
  4. You must have regular financial activity throughout the year. This means that you are raising money and spending money. The money earned that year should be spent in the same year. Note: If you lack sufficient financials, or do not follow proper procedures, you could risk your club’s status, and may not be allowed to be a club again.
  5. Activity Request Forms must be filled out for all events and fundraisers, on and off campus, and turned in to the Activities Office for Approval. Advisors will need to submit work orders for any setup that is required (ie: tables, chairs). 
  6. A minimum quorum of 8 members, including 4 board members, must be maintained in order to maintain club status. Only one person can hold each board position (President, Vice President, Treasurer, & Secretary). Clubs may create commissions and commission leads to account for larger clubs and/or workload. To have a club photo in the yearbook you must maintain this minimum, and to qualify to be in that photo as a member, you must have attended at least 75% of the club meetings and be on the roster submitted at the Semester 1 Report.

If you have any questions on how to do things, please contact Mrs. Adams, Assistant Principal at or Mrs. Laina, Activities Secretary at