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NPHS Screens On Policy

Wednesday, January 27,2021

Happy Wednesday Panther Families!

Please take the time to read the message below with your student(s) related to Zoom Expectations to Enhance Engagement and Achievement.

Student engagement is critical for remote teaching and learning. In an effort to ensure and increase student active participation in remote learning, beginning February 1, 2021, CVUSD students will be required to have their video or  “screens on” while participating in a Zoom lesson and as directed by their teacher.  “Screens on” enhances a teacher’s ability to monitor, in real-time, student understanding and ensures students are fully present and participate with their teacher and peers in the virtual learning environment. 

Families will be encouraged to contact their teacher and administrator this week if they would like to request that their child’s screen be “off” due to a personal circumstance.

Please carefully read the below information and discuss these expectations with your child(ren). This is the same information that was provided to students and families before the start of the 2020-2021 school year. 

Zoom Expectations:

  • When you (students) have your camera on during live-virtual instruction, your background will be visible to your classmates and teachers. We respectfully request that backgrounds are basic and free from distractions, for example a plain wall rather than seeing posters or other backgrounds that will take away from the learning opportunities for the entire class.
  • If you have any concerns regarding privacy and therefore do not want your camera on, please share your concerns directly with your teacher so that we can support you in continuing to access the instruction and engagement with your classmates.

Student Participation and Engagement:

  • Student participation and engagement are important for your learning. We recognize that remote learning will look and feel different than being in a classroom and on campus with your peers and staff. Nonetheless, we do expect students to make every possible effort to be present and actively engage during teacher led live-virtual instruction.
  • Participation includes attending the entire assigned class, asking questions, responding to inquiries, collaborating with classmates, joining small group sessions and completing work assignments.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this important information, and we appreciate your support and assistance related to continued success of your child’s education.


Mr. Lepire